Holistic Green
Technology Concepts.
Pooled knowledge
for long-term success.
Energy-Plus, our
standard for the future.
Electric mobility at the highest level.

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Solar Power, Photovoltaic, Wind Energy, Electric Mobility, Waste and Water Management, Local Heating, Sustainable Architecture and Energy Recovery are all buzzwords of our time.

The world is rapidly changing, and with it our appreciation for precious energy and the environment. At NEO World we focus on the conservation of energy and natural resources to protect and preserve tomorrow’s world. However, there isn’t one single solution for everyone’s energy needs. Our holistic approach and smart energy management can guide your „green“project from start to finish.

NEO supports you as your total solution partner. We integrate the „green philosophy“ in the entire life cycle of your company, your community or individual project, together with recognized experts and specialists.

NEO Support guides your specific business or community on the path to a greener future with reputable partners and consultants. We get to know your unique combination of requirements (such as heating, electricity, water and waste management, mobility and IT).

NEO Development manages individual Green Technology projects. The most important principle here is the “Energy Plus” status. This means that the project produces more energy than it consumes through its own operation.

NEO Fleet offers premium electric vehicles, nicely complimenting the sustainability goals of Neo Support. We also support you with the green infrastructure to stay fully charged.